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Want to create a look that’s striking and street ready? Our UFO Girls Strappy Pant With Solid Straps comes with detachable and adjustable contrasting solid straps you can customize to suit your style! This style accentuates the girly silhouette with a slim fit that hugs your hips, making it impossible to look past you while you're dancing, which is what makes this such a popular item among EDM concert-goers and dance, fitness and street wear buffs alike. Made from 65% Poly and 35% Cotton, they are as durable as they are comfortable! This pant is designed with a drawstring waist, two J-front pockets, a single button back closure, knee pleats above bottom cross seam for extra mobility, bottom cross seams lead to bottom pockets only visible by the button flaps design element, and drawstring bottoms. The straps are adjustable and detachable with Velcro closures you can attach to any of the two mental D-rings on the front waistband, five mental D-rings on both sides along out seam of the pant. The five D-rings on each leg let you can decide where you can adjust the straps to, or eliminate them entirely creating your look as you desire. It’s like having multiple pants in one! Machine washable.            

  • Slimmer Fit on your hips
  • Two metal D-Rings on each side of the front waistband
  • Five metal D-Rings on both sides along the outseam of pant
  • Two J-front pockets
  • Adjustable and detachable straps with velcro closures
  • The bottom cross seams lead to bottom pockets only visible by the button flaps design element
  • Knee Pleats above bottom cross seam for extra mobility
  • Adjustable drawstring bottoms
  • Single button back closure
  • 65% Poly, 35% Cotton
  • Machine washable
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